1editor134news_2C & G Container’s Pre-Clean Division has developed a new window’s based program that provides a combination “Bar Code” formula. The bar code identifies an automated initial weight measurement that is printed directly on the vinyl sticker label and a second bar code formula documenting the sequential container number and certified lot number of that specific container. This new label conforms to EPA Method 5035A’s criteria for initial, field, and laboratory weight measurements and includes spaces for other field identification requirements. In addition, the label documents the container’s preparation date.
This program is used for traceability purposes on C & G Container’s inventory of certified tared weight glass containers including the 40 and 60 ml borosilicate vials.

A portion or all of the container’s information can be provided to you electronically from the C & G database by e-mail or fax or disc prior to receiving your containers and/or be included with the container shipment.

Chemicals: P&T Methanol, Sodium Bisulfate, Sodium Phosphate Tribasic, DI Water