C & G Containers, Inc. (C & G) provides a product line of processed cleaned notched (snap-off) swabs which are purchased in raw form and cleaned by C & G Containers, Inc. to the Level of < 50 ppb Total Organic Carbon (TOC).


  • Validation Studies
  • Training

Quality Assurance

  • A certificate of analysis is provided for each lot of swabs

Quality Control

  • The Manufacturing component’s identification or lot number(s) is traceable to C&G’s selected lot number for complete traceability.
  • All temperatures and processes are monitored as part of C&G’s performance based specifications.

Benefits of Using C&G Critical Environmental Products

  • Cost savings due to outsourcing rather than “in house” production
  • Reduce or eliminate capital equipment expenditures for this process
  • Reduction of labor
  • Ready to use products on hand

ORDER INFORMATION: 100 ea. per Package Item Code: LSZZZ012715N