Poly Bags

Description of Item Item Code Color Unit of Measure
3”X5” 4ml Conductive Poly Bag FPP003435 Black 100/Case
4”X2”X12” 2ml Poly Bag FPP004210 Clear 1000/Case
4”X10” 2ml Poly Bag FPP004250 Clear 1000/Case
5”X4”X15” 1ml Poly Bag FPP005105 Clear 1000/Case
6”X12” 1ml Poly Bag FPP006160 Clear 1000/Case
6”X8” 4ml Poly Bag FPP006230 Clear 1000/Case
7”X14” 1ml Poly Bag FPP007110 Clear 5000/Case
7”X16” 2ml Poly Bag FPP007200 Clear 1000/Case
12″X12′ 2ml Poly Handle Bag FPP012212 White 1000/Case
12”X18” 4ml Poly Bag FPP012420 Clear 500/Case
16”X20” 1ml Poly Bag FPP016100 Clear 1000/Case
16”X20” 4ml Poly Bag FPP016400 Clear 500/Case
16”X24” 4ml Poly Bag FPP016410 Clear 500/Case
18”X30” 1.5ml Poly Bag FPP018150 Clear 500/Case
18”X24” 4ml Poly Bag FPP018410 Clear 250/Case
18”X30” 4ml Poly Bag FPP018430 Clear 200/Case
20”X30” 4ml Poly Bag FPP020430 Clear 250/Case
24”X36” 2ml Poly Bag FPP024230 Clear 250/Case
24”X42” 2ml Poly Bag FPP024240 Clear 250/Case
24”X30” 4ml Poly Bag FPP024410 Clear 250/Case
24”X36” 4ml Poly Bag FPP024430  Clear 200/Case
24”X42” 4ml Poly Bag FPP024440  Clear 200/Case
24”X48” 4ml Poly Bag FPP024450 Clear 100/Case
30”X42” 4ml Poly Bag FPP030410 Clear 100/Case
38”X63” 4ml Poly Drum Liner Bag FPP038465 Clear 50/Roll
38”X65” 6ml Poly Drum Liner Bag FPP038620 Clear 100/Roll
46”X84” 2.25ml Poly Drum Liner Bag FPP046200 Clear 100/Roll
48”X46”X96” 2ml Poly Pallet Cover Bag FPP048230 Clear 45/Roll
54”X44”X72” 2ml Poly Pallet Cover Bag FPP054230 Clear 60/Case
56”X54”X105” 4ml Poly Pallet Cover Bag FPP056430 Clear 40/Roll
Poly Liner Bags

Description of Item  Application Item Code Color Unit of Measure
24”X33” 6micron Liner Bag Fits 10-15Gallon FPL024100 Natural 1000/Case
24”X33” 8micron Liner Bag Fits 10-15Gallon FPL024140 Natural 1000/Case
30”X37” 13micron Liner Bag Fits 14/20/30 Gallon FPL030080 Natural 500/Case
30”X37” 16micron Liner Bag Fits 14/20/30 Gallon FPL030100 Natural 500/Case
33”X40” 17micron Liner Bag Fits 20-30 Gallon FPL033100 Natural 250/Case
38”X60” 17micron Liner Bag Fits 55 Gallon FPL038110 Clear 200/Case
38”X60” 22micron Liner Bag Fits 55 Gallon FPL038420 Black 150/Case
5gal Pay Liner HDPE 15ml insert N/A DPA005100 Natural 100/Case
15ml LDPE Hvy Duty 55Gal Drum Liner N/A DPA012100 Natural 15/Case
Poly Shrink Bags

Description of Item Item Code Color Unit of Measure
18”X1500’ 100Guage PVC Shrink Bag FPH018100 Clear Each
105”X90” 8ml Shrink Bag FPH105820 Clear 35/Roll
Mud Sample Cloth Bags

Description of Item Item Code Color Unit of Measure
5”X7” Mud Sample Cloth Bag/Unlined w/ tie FCM005070 White Each
5-1/2”X10-1/2” Mud Sample Cloth Bag/Unlined w/ tie FCM005100 White Each
5-1/2”X10-1/2” Mud Sample Cloth Bag/Bleached w/ tie FCM005140 White Each
6”X9-1/2” Mud Sample Cloth Bag/Unlined w/ tie FCM006090 White Each
7”X12-1/2” Mud Sample Cloth Bag/Bleached w/ tie FCM007140 White Each
Poly Woven Bags

Description of Item Item Code Color Unit of Measure
14”X26” Poly Woven Bag w/ Tie FYB014100 White 1000/Bale
18”X30” Poly Woven Bag w/ Tie FYB018100 White 1000/Bale
26”X40” Poly Woven Bag w/ Tie FYB026100 White 1000/Bale
35”X35”X60” PP Bulk Bag w/ Handles FYB035120 White Each
Poly Tubing

Description of Item Item Code Color Unit of Measure
2”X1500’ 2ml Poly Tubing FPT002210 Clear Each
2”X750’ 4ml Poly Tubing FPT002400 Clear Each
3” 3ml Poly Tubing FPT003310 Clear 1450ft Roll
3” 4ml Poly Tubing FPT003400 Clear 750ft Roll
3” 6ml Poly Tubing FPT003600 Clear 500ft Roll
4” 4ml Poly Tubing FPT004420 Clear 1500ft Roll
6” 2ml Poly Tubing FPT006240 Clear 3000ft Roll
6” 4ml Poly Tubing FPT006440 Clear 1500ft Roll
6” 6ml Poly Tubing FPT006600 Clear 1000ft Roll
7” 6ml Poly Tubing FPT007640 Clear 1000ft  Roll
8” 2ml Poly Tubing FPT008240 Clear 3000ft Roll
8” 4ml Poly Tubing FPT008420 Clear 1500ft Roll
8” 6ml Poly Tubing FPT008620 Clear 1000ft Roll
9” 4ml Poly Tubing FPT009420 Clear 1075ft Roll
10” 4ml Poly Tubing FPT010420 Clear 1075ft Roll
12” 2ml Poly Tubing FPT012210 Clear 3000ft Roll
12” 6ml Poly Tubing FPT012610 Clear 1000ft Roll
16” 4ml Poly Tubing FPT016410 Clear 1350ft Roll
18” 4ml Poly Tubing FPT018410 Clear 1200ft Roll
22” 6ml Poly Tubing FPT022600 Clear 600ft Roll
24” 4ml Poly Tubing FPT024420 Clear 900ft Roll
26” 6ml Poly Tubing FPT026600 Clear 550ft Roll
Poly Ziplock Bags

Description of Item Item Code Color Unit of Measure
2”X2” Clear 2ml Ziplock Bag FPZ002200 Clear 1000/Case
2”X3” Clear 2ml Ziplock Bag FPZ002210 Clear 1000/Case
2-1/2”X3” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ002410 Clear 1000/Case
3”X6” Clear 2ml Ziplock Bag FPZ003230 Clear 1000/Case
3”X5” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ003420 Clear 1000/Case
4”X6” Clear 2ml Ziplock Bag FPZ004225 Clear 1000/Case
4”X4” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ004400 Clear 1000/Case
4”X6” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ004420 Clear 1000/Case
5”X8” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ005420 Clear 1000/Case
5”X8” Clear 6ml Ziplock Bag FPZ005620 Clear 500/Case
6”X6” Clear 2ml Ziplock Bag FPZ006200 Clear 1000/Case
6”X9” Clear 2ml Ziplock Bag FPZ006230 Clear 1000/Case
6”X9” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ006430 Clear 1000/Case
6”X8” Clear 6ml Ziplock Bag FPZ006600 Clear 1000/Case
6”X9” Clear 6ml Ziplock Bag FPZ006630 Clear 1000/Case
7”X8” Clear 2ml Ziplock Bag FPZ007220 Clear 1000/Case
8”X10” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ008420 Clear 1000/Case
9”X12” Clear 2ml Ziplock Bag FPZ009220 Clear 1000/Case
9”X12” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ009420 Clear 500/Case
10”X12” Clear 2ml Ziplock Bag FPZ010220 Clear 1000/Case
10”X12” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ010420 Clear 500/Case
12”X12” Clear 2ml Ziplock Bag FPZ012200 Clear 1000/Case
12”X15” Clear 2ml Ziplock Bag FPZ012230 Clear 1000/Case
12”X12” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ012400 Clear 500/Case
12”X15” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ012430 Clear 500/Case
13”X18” Clear 2ml Ziplock Bag FPZ013240 Clear 1000/Case
13”X18” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ013440 Clear 500/Case
13”X18” Clear 6ml Ziplock Bag FPZ013640 Clear 250/Case
16”X24” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ016440 Clear 500/Case
18”X24” Clear 4ml Ziplock Bag FPZ018450 Clear 250/Case
Plastic Bubble Bags

Description of Item Item Code Color Unit of Measure
4X1-1/2” 3/16” Bubble bag HPB004100 Clear 1000/Case
5X7-1/2” 3/16” Bubble bag HPB005100 Clear 1000/Case
6X8-1/2” 3/16” Bubble bag HPB006100 Clear 500/Case
7X11-1/2” 3/16” Bubble bag HPB007100 Clear 500/Case
8X11-1/2” 3/16” Bubble bag HPB008100 Clear 500/Case
8X15-1/2” 3/16” Bubble bag HPB008110 Clear 300/Case
12X7” 3/16” Bubble bag HPB012100 Clear 375/Case