About Us

  • C & G Containers, Inc. (C & G) was established in 1988, as a small family owned business for general packaging and miscellaneous supplies for numerous local industries and small businesses. C & G provides a vast array of containers, most of which were maintained in stock at our facility. C & G provides Hazardous Material supplies, including hazardous shipping boxes and labels, specialized cartons and containment products. C & G also provides packaging supplies such as cardboard boxes, packaging tape, wraps, bags, banding materials and packing fillers and an assortment of food and cosmetic containers.
  • In 1992, C & G established a second division, the “Pre-Clean Division”. This division provides an assortment of pre-clean closures, closure inserts and containers of different sizes and material composition to numerous business sectors for the analytical testing of chemical impurities and environmental contaminants. In the raw materials and the manufacturing processes of containers and parts, potential contaminants may be found harbored within the product(s). C & G receives the products and cleans each individual part by specific Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cleaning protocols. C & G utilizes the EPA document, “Specifications and Guidance for Contaminant-Free Sample Containers”, (December 1992), as guidance for the Pre-Clean Division operations. This document is from the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response Washington, DC 20460 (EPA 540/R-93/051, PB93-963316). The cleaned items are then assembled and packaged to provide business sectors with a container free of EPA target analytes. The business sectors purchasing C & G pre-cleaned containers include environmental laboratories, distributors, environmental consulting firms, chemical companies, petrochemical companies, pharmaceutical and drug companies, state agencies and agencies of the state.
  • In 2005, C & G Containers, Inc. diversified itself by entering into a very specialized Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology market for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) testing and sampling. Subsequently, our third division was established as the “Pharmaceutical Division”. The United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) has established guidelines for determining system suitability and established the acceptance of Water for Injection (WFI) purposes and Purified Water in USP Method 643.
  • Since 2002, C & G has added several key personnel with experience in the Environmental and Pharmaceutical sectors. C & G continues to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by developing and implementing a working Quality Assurance Program ensuring that our products are processed to meet Federal, State and/or client specifications and to monitor the consistency and accuracy of our products.