Quality Assurance Program

C & G’s Quality Assurance Program represents C & G Container’s commitment to provide quality products which meet or exceed client expectations each and every time. C & G Container’s employees, management, and owners truly believe in achieving this expectation and goal. Our commitment means quality components are supported by standardized procedures and quality measures which are continuously monitored to ensure our product meet or exceed the requirements of EPA document, “Specifications and Guidance for Contaminant-Free Sample Containers”, (December 1992) and also, to ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Quality Assurance is an integrated system of activities involving planning, reporting, quality control, quality assessment, and quality improvement to ensure that a product meets defined standards of quality.
  • Quality Control assures the reliability and continual assessment of the product produced. Good quality control in the facilities operation better ensures the reproducibility of the product. Quality control includes the application of sound practices utilizing standard operating procedures (SOPs) designed for the cleaning of sample containers.

The most important factor in quality control is management’s commitment to produce quality products. C & G Containers Pre-Clean Division operates with sufficient quality assurance/quality control activities to ensure that our clients receive a quality product. The following items are integral parts of C & G’s Quality Control Program.

  • The establishment of standard operation procedures for implementing the monitoring of product quality.
  • The qualification of personnel through operational training and experience.
  • Performance of personnel and equipment are monitored and documented.
  • Management will make necessary changes in equipment, procedures or personnel to produce quality products.
    In the event of a quality problem, corrective action is implemented and documented.

C & G operates under the concept of continuous improvement. There is substantial benefit derived from documenting materials, procedures and/or products that do not conform to the standard and using those documents to develop corrective action so that the nonconforming issues are reduced or eliminated in the future.

EPA Cleaning Protocols (A, B and C) Download PDF

Pre-Clean Division Container Certifications

Group 1 Download PDF
Containers for Semivolatile Organics – Protocol A

Group 2 Download PDF
Containers for Inorganics – Protocol A

Group 3 Download PDF
Containers for Volatile Organics – Protocol B

Group 4 Download PDF
Containers for Inorganics – Protocol C