EPA SW846 Method 5035A is now mandated for use by many states. This regulatory method’s purpose is to reduce the amount of disturbance when collecting solid/soil samples for the analysis of Volatile Organic compounds (VOC).

C & G Containers is a supplier of three disposable sampling syringe collection devices.

  • En Core® Sampler – available in five (5) gram size.
  • Terra Core™ Soil Sampler – available in five (5) and ten (10) gram sizes.

C & G Containers also provides a sampling kit that is assembled using the Terra Core™ Soil Sampler and is called C & G’s Terra Core™ Vial Kit. The C & G Kit allows for immediate extrusion of the sample into a variety of pre-preserved 40 ml vials. The kit also includes a 60cc amber bottle for moisture determination and/or VOC screening. The kit can be customized with up to five 40 ml vials. Each vial is available pre-weighed and pre-inoculated with choice of chemical preservative. The available chemical preservatives include Methanol, Sodium Bisulfate, Sodium Phosphate Tribasic, and for effervescent samples, the option of ASTM Type I Deionized water, or a vial may have no preservation. Additionally, a PTFE stir bar may be placed in the 40 mL vials.

All vials are pre-cleaned using cleaning protocol B and certified for VOCs. Plus TICs, a Certificate of Analysis is included in each C & G Terra Core™ Vial Kit.
All orders are custom filled, so 72 hour notice is required.



Kits are processed 8 to a case.
Terra Core™ Syringe
5 gram and 10 gram available

All Terra Core Kits Come With 60cc moisture sample container & Terra Core Syringe
Vial Item Codes


Item Code Description
LKS040100202 1M/2B1/60 2pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040102001 1M/2DI/60 1pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040102021 1M/2DI/60 1pc (10ml) 8/cs
LKS040104001 1M/4DI/60 1pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040112000 2M/2SB/60 2pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040120001 1M/2SB/60 1pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040120012 1M/2SB/60 1pc (10ml) 8/cs
LKS040120151 1M/2SB/1B1 1pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040120201 1M/2SB/2B1/60 1pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040121001 1M/2SB/1DI/60 1pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040121002 1M/2SB/2DI/60 1pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040202000 2M/2DI/60 2pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040203000 2M/3DI/60 2pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040220001 2M/2SB/60 1pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040300001 3M/60 1pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040320001 3M/2SB/60 1pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040901001 1M/2TSP/60 1pc (5ml) 8/cs
LKS040902000 1M/2TSP/2B1/60 1pc (5ml) 8/cs



5 gram size/packaged 50 in each/case
Item Code: SSC005700E09
(A single use device that cannot be cleaned and/or reused) This sampler is designed to store soil and not solvents or free product! The En Core® must be used with the En Core® T-Handle and/or En Core® Extrusion Tool exclusively. (A restocking fee will be charged on returns.)

Download Manufacturer’s Instructions


5 gram size/packaged 100 in each/case
Item Code: SSC005800E09
10 gram size/packaged 100 in each/case
Item Code: SSC010080E09
(A single use device that cannot be cleaned and/or reused) A two piece disposable field sampler. This sampler is designed to store soil and not solvents or free product!

Download Manufacturer’s Instructions


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